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Can You Switch Health Plans Outside of Open Enrollment?

You can switch plans!

Generally, there are only two (2) times per year that you can switch health plans outside of open enrollment. They are:

1. During the annual open enrollment period
Health insurance open enrollment for Under 65 health plans for the 2018 plan year took place from Nov. 1 to Dec. 15, 2017. The exact open enrollment dates for 2019 plans haven’t been announced as of yet, but will likely be announced in the fall of 2018.
2. During a "qualifying" special enrollment period
You might be able to switch health insurance plans outside of open enrollment if you experience a "qualifying life event" such as getting married or divorced, having a child, moving to a new coverage area or losing your job-based coverage. Such events trigger what is called a special enrollment period, a limited time period in which you can buy a new health care plan. In most circumstances, special enrollment lasts 60 days from the qualifying life event. If you have experienced a recent "qualifying event", please call our office at 480-878-7444.
Hold on, wait! We can help change plans even outside of open enrollment, please read the Q&A below for answers...
Here are a few questions we have received about Under 65 health plans, I hope this Q&A provides answers...
Question: I have an ACA plan that started on January 1st and I can no longer afford to pay the high premium for my family. I don't have a qualifying life event, do I have any options?
Answer: Yes, in fact, you have several options. We can enroll you in a real health plan that is ACA compliant and will avoid the $695 per person penalty. In addition, if it is towards the end of the year, we can also enroll you in a short-term plan. Either option, you will save up to 75% of the price tag of an ACA/Obamacare plan.
Question: Can I just go ahead and cancel my ACA/Obamacare plan?
Answer: Yes, you could do that, however, we don't recommend you do. Thousands and thousands of people claim medical bankruptcy each year as a result of not having health insurance. We recommend calling our office at 480-878-7444, BEFORE cancelling your current plan. We can provide information on plans that are available to you and show you the cost savings. If you wish to proceed, we would make sure to get an approval of coverage prior to you cancelling your current plan. In addition, the penalty in 2018 is still in effect and is $695 per person with a family max of approximately $2085.
Question: I have been without health insurance since January 1st, will I have to pay a penalty if I start a plan in the next month or so?
Answer: Yes, you will have to pay a penalty for every month you do not have credible heatlh insurance. They do allow a 3-month period of non-coverage, but it is recommended not to have a gap in your health insurance coverage. We want you to know, that we can help you get an exemption for the health insurance mandate, just call our offices at 480-878-7444 and we will show you how to get that exemption for the 2018 tax year. This exemption alone for a family of 4 or more could potentially save you and your family over $2,000.
If you need this service or know someone who could, plase tag them in the Facebook post or copy the web address above and share, thank you!
I hope the Q&A above helped answer a question or two that you may have. If you have a more specific question that you do not see above, feel free to call our office;

(480) 878-7444

Thank you, Daniel Anderson
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