Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap)

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We Understand Medicare Supplement Plans can be very confusing...  What is covered?  What is not? Co-Pays, Co-Insurance?  What will my annual out-of-pocket expenses be if I chose the wrong plan? Does it cover dental visits or vision/eyeglass coverage?

HELP! It's just too much to comprehend!

 When explaining the complexities of these Medicare Supplement plans, I often refer to a quote by Warren Buffet that goes like this:  "There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult."  Difficult, that's Medi-Gap plans for you!  Don't fear, we are here to help, just call us or fill out our form and leave the rest to us!

Medicare Supplement Plans help to cover the gaps in coverage that are not covered by Medicare Part A (Hosptial) and Part B (Medical), for this reason, these plans are often referred to as "Medi-gap" plans.

Medicare Supplement plans can be purchased from private insurance companies to help cover expenses such as co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles; however, they do not include prescription drug coverage. While the costs of these plans may vary, individual insurance companies must provide the same standardized benefits as outlined by law. There are twelve standardized plans labeled A through N, each with its own set of benefits.  It is because of this standardization, it is simple to quote Medi-gap policies for any age.  The difference in price comes from several options, including the companies plan expense, how they calculate their audience (issue-rated, attained age rated or community rated)  If you do not understand the difference in these 3 types of pricing policies and how they will affect your premiums as you grow older, you should call us so we cansit down for an educational meeting to discuss your options.  Medicare Supplement policies are guaranteed renewable every year and the coverage does not change from year to year.

Only those currently enrolling or who are already enrolled in Medicare A and B can purchase Medicare Supplement Insurance.  Also, anyone turning 65 should enroll during a special six-month period, known as open enrollment immediately following their enrollment in Medicare B. Any delay in enrollment may result in penalties on their coverage or being denied insurance if you are not in good health and can't pass underwriting.  Your birthday present from the Government at age 65 is NO UNDERWRITING FOR YOUR MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT PLAN.  This plan is so desirable, and as you get older and sicker, can be un-obtainable since you have to underwrite for this plan if you don't take it when turning 65. Using this plan as your gap coverage, or using an advantage plan may be the most important decision you make in retirement, don't leave it to guesswork.  If you don't understand the differences, then we should meet and spend an hour helping you decide which is best for you. We are professionals in our field and it won't cost you any extra to have us help you.  In fact, because I am an independent Insurance Agent with access to all companies in your state, it is a good bet that I will save you money each year.  Also, if you are married or not, I will let you know that you have access to household discounts up to 20% off listed prices, are you eligible for one of these discounts?  Call today or use our NO-OBLIGATION quote box.  Thanks for stopping by!