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"At Medicare RESCUE, we are committed to sitting down with each client in order to fulfill their retirement health insurance needs. Our knowledge and extensive research on available plans in your area will offer you quality coverage and increased savings, all while using highly-rated companies.  In addition, a one-on-one consultation allows you to communicate your needs versus basic internet plans that leave you guessing if you're covered at all...  We welcome the opportunity to assist you with your health coverage needs!


Contact us if any of the following apply to you:

  • You are turning 65 and are signing up for Medicare for the first time.

  • You are currently on Plan F, Plan C, or Plan J. There are some certain rights you may have to lower your premium on any of the above plans if you have not made a change to your plan in the past 6 months. Call us today, we are saving clients thousands of dollars annually on their premiums!

  • You are interested in changing plans - If you have a Medicare Supplement Plan, you do not need to wait for an open enrollment period, you are eligible to change your plan at any time.  You read that correctly, NO Open Enrollment period for Medicare Supplement plans!  

  • Over 65 and losing COBRA Insurance or Employer coverage

  • Are unhappy with your current carrier and would like to compare options with a new carrier. 

  • Are paying more than $85 per month for your Medicare Supplement, regardless or your age.

  • Have recently moved, or are planning to move out of your service area.

  • Have been given notice by your Medicare Supplement provider that they are no longer offering their plan in your area.  You are eligible for a "Guaranteed Issue" Medicare Supplement plan in your area.

Medicare Supplement Plans 2016
MEDICARE Supplement Insurance


We Help and Educate our consumers on the advantages of using Medicare Supplement Insurance for their retirement health.  Don't be trapped by a plan that you can't afford in later years, I know which ones start low and stay low!

Health Insurance Plans 2016
Health Insurance


Many of my clients aren't the same age.  If you have retired prior to age 65, I can Help you bridge your Health Insurance Gap until you reach the time you are eligible for Medicare.

Low Cost Dental Plans Available
Affordable Dental Coverage

Whether you are under 65 or over 65, we have several plan options to meet your needs.  How about NEXT DAY COVERAGE and 3 paid cleanings each year.  Let's not even talk about picking your own dentist, because yes, you can!

Free, Affordable Life Quotes
Life Insurance


So many couples don't plan for a loss of income when they lose a spouse.  70% of elderly below poverty level are women, don't be a statistic.  Click below for your no-obligation quote.


Available in all Counties

of Arizona:

3303 E Baseline Rd, Ste #107

Gilbert, AZ 85234


Available M-F 9am to 4pm


*Medicare RESCUE is licensed in many states, if you are not a resident of Arizona, please feel free to contact us for a quote in your area!

TF: 866-925-7473

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